Decca Energy provides international consulting services in areas of engineering and programming, design and implementation, drilling and completions, workovers, optimization, lease and pipeline construction, and facilities.  Our company is known for its strong corporate safety culture and proudly has an exemplary safety record.

Decca has established strategic relationships with progressive safety management organizations to provide our clients and consultants with superior safety education and competency tools.  We have an in-house safety coordinator and we regularly attend industry conferences to stay current with health, safety, and environmental practices. These practices are employed in each job we complete and applied throughout all projects worldwide.

Decca’s talent pool of experienced consultants with overseas work experience is extensive. These consultants are trained comprehensively on evacuation and emergency procedures and are accustomed to the challenges of working in unstable and undeveloped regions. We have the ability to coordinate all necessary work permitting and visa requirements, and will establish agent and brokers relationships in areas where brokerage agreements are necessary.

Decca’s consultants are highly experienced in program design and execution, multi-stage fracking of long reach horizontal wells, re-entering of old well bores, deepening into lower formations, snubbing over pressured wells, sweet and sour tubing, conveyed perforating systems, fishing for lost tools, and string casing patches.Our consultants are supported by a skilled engineering staff capable of responding quickly to all field concerns.

Decca Energy has the right combination of global experience and knowledge to handle the challenges that inevitably occur in the field when moving through the various phases of oil and gas extraction. Clients are assured of our impartial evaluation and unbiased work ethic, as we do not have any financial or personal stakes in the marketplace other than their best interests.  We have remained committed in our efforts to provide a cost-effective and realistic business approach and are proud to be recognized as worldwide leaders in our field.

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