Locating the Best

In today’s intensely competitive environment, sourcing talented consultants has never been tougher. But because we are working in the field ourselves, we know precisely what challenges and opportunities companies are facing every day. Our singular focus on the oil and gas industry gives us the insight and expertise to consistently bring each client the best service and management, tailored to your exact project requirements.

Proper Classification

Companies who work with a staffing firm that provides independent contractors (ICs) still carry a financial risk. Oil and gas companies have received millions in back-taxes and penalties for ICs that the IRS deemed should have been W-2 employees. That’s why it’s critical to partner with a firm like Decca that completes IRS-required classification documentation.

Overseas Consultants

Our experienced overseas consultants are trained extensively on evacuation and emergency procedures and are accustomed to the challenges and dangers of working in volatile regions. Our clients with international projects are offered these consultants on a rotational basis. Decca coordinates all necessary visa requirements and work permits through a local immigration specialist and will liaise with foreign agents and brokerages as required, in areas where brokerage agreements are necessary.

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