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Decca Energy is one of the nation's leading renewable energy and commercial workforce solutions providers. Due to the high growth expectations in the renewable and commercial industries, there will be a growing need for identifying and hiring a broad range of skilled associates for permanent and project-based positions. Decca Energy has established itself as an accredited and dependable resource for qualified and reliable field associates for our customers which we will continually and be proactive for that growing need. Our 20 years combined experience in renewable and commercial industries gives our Decca Energy team the unique perspective to understand the whole value chain that matters to our clients.

By utilizing Decca Energy, you significantly reduce administrative costs associated with recruiting and hiring a contingent workforce. We take care of all your payroll requirements, associate benefits, workers’ compensation, and inherent employment costs as well as performing HR functions so you can focus on managing the productivity of your project.

We are very excited about what the future holds in the renewable energy and commercial sectors and our role in advancing our service to our customers in these fields. Decca Energy focuses solely on the workforce needs of solar, wind, and related renewable energy projects as well as large scale commercial projects. Because of this focus, we can deliver a timely, responsive and flexible solution to our customers. We are committed to creating long-term professional relationships which will expand as the renewable energy and commercial industry grows and evolves.

What sets Decca Energy apart from our competition is our personalized approach and commitment to our customers and our associates. This is part of our unwavering culture and the reason for our ongoing success in supporting our valued customers.

What Our Clients Say

Our customers say they appreciate our commitment to their ongoing success and the support we provide which shows our desire to build a long-term partnership.

What Our Employees Say

Our associates express that the strong relationships we build with them during the hiring and placement process is better than they have experienced in the past. They also say they sincerely appreciate the advancement opportunities we offer them as they grow in their career.