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Our Safety Culture

Getting our field associates home to their families and keeping your worksites safe is a cornerstone value of Decca Energy. If we can prevent even one injury by implementing thorough and consistent safety practices, we have accomplished one of our primary goals as an employer. We review our safety guidelines and expectations with every field associate during the hiring process. This includes a safety video orientation with an accompanying safety quiz. We take safety seriously!

Strong Safety Culture = Injury Prevention

How do we accomplish such a low injury rate compared to the industry standard among staffing companies? Our process! All Decca Energy associates are trained to be responsible for their own safety as well as be aware of their surroundings and potential safety hazards to others. We have ongoing training and communication with every field associate that outlines current and updated safety procedures. This continual communication and training insures the safety culture we strive to achieve at Decca Energy.

The Highlights of Our Safety Culture

  • We provide all PPE to our associates at no charge
  • We offer OSHA-10 training to our associates
  • Internal team members are OSHA-30 certified
  • National Safety Specialist to provide additional customer support
  • Ongoing training for our internal colleagues and field associates
  • Ongoing communication with our field associates with safety practice reminders
  • Safety award for associates that demonstrate an exceptional level of safety awareness
  • Onsite safety visits and safety meetings