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Project Based Support – Short, Medium or Extended

  • Customized recruiting plan and strategy based on associate qualifications, project timeline, duration of project, phases of ramp-up, location, and type of project
  • All documentation to meet local, state and federal requirements (E-Verify, I-9, etc.)
  • Reference checks
  • Background check when required by customer
  • Tool verification for trade requirements
  • Drug screening
  • Safety training with required understanding of expectations
  • Ongoing jobsite service performance evaluations (reliability, skill level expectation, and safety)
  • Performance guarantee
  • Regular safety reminders to our field associates
  • Streamlined process for timecard verifications
  • On-time delivery of paychecks or direct deposit
  • Benefits available to our field associates
  • Conversion to permanent employee with associated conversion fee

Direct Hire

  • Dedicated direct hire recruiting team that specializes in alternative energy and commercial positions
  • Customized profile for the position that is required
  • Specialized recruiting strategy that enables us to focus on the ideal candidate
  • Pre-screened, top tier candidates who meet or exceed client requirements
  • 60-90 day guarantee for placements

Workforce Solutions Options

Contract Associates

You have your most trusted employees who you rely on to increase productivity and grow your business. These are your “A” players. By partnering with Decca Energy, we will recruit, screen, and provide additional star performers to enable you to better reach accelerated deadlines, unanticipated projects, or even allow you the confidence and freedom to bid additional projects which your current workforce may not be prepared to support. A partnership with Decca Energy allows you to outsource the administrative time required, risks involved, costs associated in hiring additional employees, and overall increase your productivity by providing you with the talented professionals you need to accomplish your project goals. We want to help you “rightsize” your workforce in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

Ongoing Business

There are some companies that choose to use a business model that utilizes ongoing staffing support as a way to permanently support their core staff of full-time employees. If this is you, Decca Energy will help develop a cost effective and efficient way to provide all of your workforce needs. This allows greater flexibility in industries where there are ongoing variations in projects and business cycles. This model minimizes risk and cost for your company while maximizing productivity.

Project Phase

Decca Energy professionals can assist in developing and strategizing how to incorporate the type and number of skilled specialists you will need during various phases of a project. Our team will focus on the workforce solutions component of your project so you can focus on the other essential aspects. You’ll find this service especially valuable when numerous jobsites or schedules are a factor.

Remote Location On-Site

No matter where your project is, Decca Energy is there to support you with our national recruiting team. Whether you have a remote utility-scale solar project, a remote commercial-scale project, or anything in between, we will develop a solution to meet your needs for qualified field associates. We will generate and implement an in-depth recruiting strategy that will provide you with the workforce you need in difficult geographical areas.